TRACK 1: Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Data science for Industry 5.0 (AAIDSI 2023)
(i) AI Algorithms
(ii) Aritificial Intelligence tools & Applications
(iii) IOT
(iv) Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools
(v) Heuristtic and AI Planning Strategies and Tools
(vi) Hybrid Intelligent Systems
(vii) infromation Retrieval
(viii) Intelligent System Architectures
(ix) Persasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence
(x) Robotics
(xi) Web Intelligence Applications
(xii) Recent Trends and Developments
TRACK 2: Advancements in Intelligent Technologies in Smart Electronics (AITSE)
(i) Electronic Design Automation
(ii) Intelligent Industrial Controllers
(iii) Green Comminucation
(iv) Deep learning
(v) Spectrum Efficient Management Sensing and Cognitive Radio
(vi) Biometrics Industrial Electronics
(vii) Healthcare Information Systems
(viii) Body Area N/W
(ix) 6G
(x) Image & Signal Processing
(xi) Neural Networks
TRACK 3: Advancements in Aerospace and Robotic Technologies (AART)
(i) Advance Materials
(ii) Smart Automation & Blockchain
(iii) Autonomous Vehicles
(iv) Utilizing Internet Of Things To Aniticipate Maintainance Issues
(v) Addictive Manufacturing
(vi) Artificial Intelligence
(vii) Robotics & Automation
(viii) Air Conditioning And Refigeration
(ix) IC Engine & Alternate Fuels
TRACK 4: Innovative Advancements in Modern Biotechnology (IAMB)
(i) Animal Biotechnology
(ii) Plant Biotechnology
(iii) Food Biotechnology
(iv) Bioinformatics
(v) Advanced Stem Cell Technology
(vi) Advacned Genomics And Proteomics
(vii) Life Style Diseases
(viii) Cancer Therepeutics
TRACK 5: Innovative Business Strategies in Management (IBSM)
(i) Marketing Management
(ii) Human Resource Management
(iii) Banking & Financial Management
(iv) Operations & Systems Management
(v) Logistics & Supply Chain Management
(vi) Entreprenuership Development
(vii) Business Analytics
TRACK 6: Advanced Materials and Computational Mathematics (AMCM)
(i) Chemical Innovation:A New Era Of Growth
(ii) Sustainability O fTechnology During And Post Pandemic
(iii) Trace Metals in the Environment
(iv) Functionals Composite Materials: Techology And Appication
(v) Computational Mathematics
(vi) Nano Materials
(vii) Smart Materials And Superconductors
(viii) Thin film, solar and photo voltaic cells
(ix) Crystallography